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Psychiatry Services in Omaha

Lifetime Insight was founded on the principle of respect and caring and it is our mission to help you achieve your goals. Using a psychotherapeutic approach combined with proper medication management, we believe everyone can achieve emotional stability.

Medication Management

When we assess psychotropics, we judge the risk-benefit ratio, balancing potential side effects with possible therapeutic results, and the risk of not taking any medications at all. If there are other medical issues for which a patient is receiving medications, we try to minimize drug-drug interactions. We are generally inclined to prescribe non-habit forming psychotropics. We always start with a lower dose and increase to a higher dose if there is a need and only until the therapeutic effect is obtained. Some patients do not require medications, some patients are more prone to side effects than others, and some have a high tolerance. Therefore, we will always consider the individual circumstance of the patient.


Psychotherapy is almost always part of the follow-up that we provide. Some patients require more intense therapy, while some find that just visiting with a psychiatrist at a reasonable interval is sufficient. For a few patients who are highly motivated and willing to participate in regular therapy, Dr. Hovav can provide weekly psychotherapy for those that do not currently have a psychologist or therapist. For others who may already have a regular psychotherapist, medication management alone is likely sufficient. We will collaborate with your current psychologist or therapist to coordinate care, and we will provide feedback to ensure you are well cared for in every aspect possible within our ability.